Hot Sauce: The Roast Of Evan Bernard Accesories


This is my first hot sauce that doesn't "feature" the heat or flavour of a particular pepper. There is no "star" of the show. The heat is provided by fresh Habanero and Serrano peppers, roasted with seeds in. I've called "The Roast Of Evan Bernard" because most of the ingredients in this sauce are roasted before all of the good vinegar bathing, adding of the herbs, spices and blending.

The idea behind it is somewhere between a roasted salsa, North Carolina style mustard BBQ sauce (without the mustard) and a traditional hungarian dish (my personal favourite) I've been scarfing down at family gatherings for as long as I remember called Vadas. (Before you try to say it, it's pronounced Vaadaash.) Tangy and slightly sweet with some salt to even it out. The evolution of flavours across your palate starts off with a hint of vinegar tang, ultimately morphing into that sweet home roasted vegetable body finished with a nice latin-esque blend of serranos, lime, cumin and cilantro. It's thick. It's luscious. It's roasted.

Joe Leicester did the art. Follow him at

Thanks Joe