Hot Sauce: Tangerine Nightmare Accesories


It's simple, it's sweet, and it's really effing spicy. Tangerine Nightmare features only 5 ingredients, but each ingredient plays an important role in making this sauce stand out on whatever you're eating.

I was eating a lot of Salmon for a time in my life, often trying out different recipes to find out what flavours really knocked me out with it. I began messing around with making glazes, because i really loved how the sweetness of the sugar and sour vinegar went with the fish. I experimented with different citrus to compliment the glazes, ultimately settling on tangerines thanks to their sweet, bright, acidic nature. The only problem i was having with all of these different glazes was that they were so strong and pungent, they were drowning out the flavour of the fish! My solution: Tangerine Nightmare.

The idea behind this sauce was to be loaded with flavour so i could drop only a few drops on my salmon and get both the flavour of the sauce and the flavour of the fish. Instead of making a traditional style hot sauce (pepper mash + vinegar + accent ingredients), i wanted to combine the thick, sweet, pungent nature of a glaze, with the bright freshness and fierce heat of a habanero. Instead of each ingredient fighting for center stage you get a pleasantly sweet-tart opening, a huge, bright wallop of citrusy body and a scorcher of a finish.

Plenty of habanero flavour, notes of tangerine and a healthy burn make this sauce a perfect compliment for seafood, poultry and anything cooked with citrus. It's really made to accent the flavour of a bare protein, not to overtake it. It also rips on pizza. I find it decently versatile.

Ingredients: Habanero Peppers, White Vinegar, Sugar, Fresh Squeezed Tangerine Juice, Salt.

Jon Weed did the Label.

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Thanks Jon.